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Advances in Group Theory and Applications 2009

Hotel Lo Scoglio, Porto Cesareo (Lecce, ITALY): June, 8th - 12th, 2009



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Porto Cesareo, the site of the Conference, is a tourist town in Apulia, in the Province of Lecce (Italy). The small isles near the city have been called the "arcipelago cesarino". Porto Cesareo is located in the western part of the Salento Peninsula, a link in the heart of the Mediterranean between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

The ancient fishing village was developed on the Ionian coast around the "Torre Cesarea", a fortification wanted by the emperor Carolus V, and it became more and more a seaside resort and a cultural centre.

The well-preserved natural environment of Porto Cesareo appeals about 90000 tourists per year, mainly a lot of divers because of the protected sea area, bathers and lovers of an exotic and fascinating sea; a paradise defined by white dunes, a crystalline sea and the warm sun of Apulia, bordering on some cities of art as Nardo', Leverano, Veglie, Copertino.

The main town of Salento Peninsula is Lecce (25 km far from Porto Cesareo), a beautiful place also known as the 'Florence of the South'.

To know more about Porto Cesareo, its history and its beautiful places, visit the following website or this.