Coordinamento Servizi Informatici Bibliotecari di Ateneo   
Università degli Studi di Lecce

Sistema Informativo Nazionale per la Matematica
Software matematico
Artlandia - Mathematica-based software for creating mathematical art
Bardware - ODEs and functional equations
Cami Mathematics Software
Compass Modeling Solutions, Inc.
Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD codes
FElt - A System for Finite Element Analysis
Fields & Operators - Surfaces. Vector Fields. Level Curves. Differential Operators. Integral flows. Tangent planes and lines. Differential Geometry. Animation.
FORM - A computer program for manipulating very large formulae.
FreeLIP - Large Integer Package
GAMS Development Corp. - General Algebraic Modeling System.
GAP (Groups, Algorithms and Programming) - A free system for computational discrete algebra
GrafEq - A program for producing graphs of implicit relations.
Graphics and analysis software
Guide to Optimization Software
HiQ - An interactive problem-solving environment
IMSL - FORTRAN, C, Java and MPI-Enhanced Mathematics and Statistics Libraries
LAPACK - Users' Guide Version 2.0
LASPack - Reference Manual
Learning in Motion
Macsyma - Mathematical and Finite Element Software
Magma - algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics (U Sydney)
Maple - The technical computing portal for all your scientific and engineering needs
Mathcad (MathSoft, Inc.)
MatheAss - Solve tasks in Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Stochastics, Linear Algebra
Mathematica (Wolfram Research)
Mathematica Related URL's
Mathematics Archives
MatheMatrix, Inc.
Matlab (MathWorks Inc.)
Matrix Market - A visual repository of test data for use in comparative studies of algorithms for numerical linear algebra
Multigrid Algorithm Library
MuPAD - MUlti Processing Algebra Data tool
National Software Exchange
Netlib (Univ of Tenn and Oak Ridge National Lab)
Numerical Methods resource list
Numerical Recipes Software
Octave - High-level language for numerical computations (GNU)
O-Matrix - Interactive analysis and visualization tool
PARAMAX - Project MAC's SYmbolic MAnipulation System
PseudoPack - Numerical differentiation by pseudospectral methods
PV-WAVE - Visual Data Analysis Software
Reduce - Computer Algebra System
Ricci - A Mathematica package for doing tensor calculations in differential geometry
Schur - An Interactive Program for Calculating Properties of Lie Groups and Symmetric Functions
SENAC - A Software Environment for Numeric and Algebraic Computation
SIMATH - A computer algebra system especially for number theoretic purpose
SLEIGN2 - Sturm-Liouville Problems
Sound Waves FAQ
Symbolic Computation Group
Symbolic Mathematical Software (Berkeley)
Tela - Tensor Language
TeX Archive

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