Physics and Mathematics of Nonlinear Phenomena 2013

22 - 29 June 2013, Gallipoli (Italy)

Last updated: 08/04/2014

The conference Physics and Mathematics of Nonlinear Phenomena 2013 (PMNP2013) will be organized in Gallipoli from 22 June 2013 (arrival day) to 29 June 2013 (departure day).

The conference follows the tradition established by the long series of conferences on Nonlinear Physics, held in Gallipoli and organized by the research group on Nonlinear Physics of Università del Salento. See the following links for information on previous editions:

The main topics of the conference will be:

  1. Continuous and discrete, classical and quantum integrable systems.
  2. Hamiltonian, critical and geometric structures of integrable equations of nonlinear mathematical physics.
  3. Integrable systems in quantum field theory and matrix models.
  4. Models of nonlinear phenomena in physics.
  5. Applications of nonlinear integrable systems in physics.

We are glad to announce that invited speakers at the conference include

NEW (20/05/2013):

Participation is open to anybody. Participants who are interested to submit a contribution (talk or poster) may send an abstract to the organizing committee through the registration form The deadline for submitting abstracts of talks and posters is 30 March 2013 (see below).

The conference will be held at Ecoresort Le Sirenè in Gallipoli, 40Km South-East to Lecce.

The Hotel is better reached through Brindisi airport, or Lecce train station.

The organizing committe has arranged a conference bus service. On June 22nd (arrival day) the bus will leave Brindisi airport to Lecce train station, and then go ahead to Ecoresort Le Sirenè; on June 29th (departure day) it will run in the opposite direction. The service is free of charge for all registered participants and accompanying persons. The DEADLINE for reserving bus transfers has been extended to 10 June 2013. To do this, please send an email with subject 'bus' to the organizing committee. On May 20 we will publish the schedule of conference bus runs. Please check this page for more detailed information.

The organizing committee will help the participants to arrange private transfers to/from the Brindisi airport/Lecce train station in days other than the arrival/departure day. In this case the transfer expenses will not be covered by the organizing committee. Please check this page for more detailed information.

The agreed rates for Full Board (including meals and the use of Hotel facilities and sea shore) are valid for a stay from 22 June (arrival day) to 29 June (departure day). Other rates for shorter stays can be negotiated directly with the Hotel staff. The rates are:

Double room, per person per night Single room, per person per night
110 € 140 €

Of course, participants are free to arrange for themselves any other accommodation.

At the moment (20 May 2013), Ecoresort Le Sirene has no vacancies. On the other hand, there are rooms available in another hotel which is managed by the same company, Joli Park Hotel in the center of Gallipoli. The hotel management guarantees daily transportation to/from Ecoresort Le Sirene; moreover, the hotel management guarantees that, in case of full-board payment at Joli Park Hotel, lunch can be done in Ecoresort Le Sirene. Please contact the hotel management at the address below for more detailed information.

There will be a registration fee of 180€ for faculty and postdocs. The fee will be reduced fot students and for those not holding a permanent position. We regret that no financial support will be available to participants.

PMNP 2013 conference PROCEEDINGS

There will be a Proceedings volume of the conference, to be published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series. The volume will collect the papers of all Authors who will contribute to the conference (talk or poster). Information for Authors is available here.

PMNP 2013 conference DEADLINES



PMNP 2013 is organized by B. Konopelchenko, G. Landolfi, L. Martina, from the Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica E. De Giorgi and the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, and R. Vitolo, from the Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica E. De Giorgi. The Secretary of the conference is Dr. Daniela Dell'Anna, from the Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica E. De Giorgi.


PMNP 2013 is supported by the following Institutions, both financially and by providing logistics and staff:


Please contact the e-mail address pmnp2013[at]unisalento[dot]it for all matters concerning the conference.

Last updated: 08/04/2014